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Structural Services

At TOK Engineering, we take pride in offering a comprehensive suite of Structural Engineering services designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.
Our team of dedicated experts possesses the knowledge and experience to address a wide range of structural challenges and deliver innovative solutions. Explore our Structural Engineering Services below.

Condominium & Property Management Engineering Services

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Property Issues:

  • We provide expert analysis and solutions for property issues across residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

  •  Our residential services extend to condominiums and property owners where we offer Reserve Fund Studies (RFS) and Building Envelope Studies (BES).

  •  Our services also include troubleshooting specific issues such as HVAC, foundation problems, drainage, and roofing.

  • Our services extend to condominiums, where we perform Reserve Fund Studies.

  • We work closely with condominium boards and unit owners to provide personalized advice and tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

  • We specialize in the assessment and design of building structures and exterior envelopes to ensure their stability and durability.

  • Our expertise covers roofs, HVAC systems, water leakage mitigation, and foundational/parkade issues.

  • Our CRS combines Reserve Fund Studies + Building Assessment Studies to provide a cost-effective and comprehensive overview of a condominium's condition and financial planning needs.

Building Safety Code Review and Energy Audits:

  • Our team conducts thorough safety code reviews to ensure that structures comply with regulatory standards.

  • We perform energy audits to identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements.

Grade Beam and Foundation Design:

  • Engineers at TOK Engineering design grade beams and foundations to provide stable and reliable structural support.

Home Renovations and Structural Modifications:

  • Whether you're renovating your home, removing walls, or adding new window openings, our experts provide structural design and support.

Inspections and Compliance:

  • We offer inspection and compliance services to ensure that structures meet safety and regulatory requirements.

Structural Design
  • Our structural design services encompass a wide range of projects such as, retaining wall design, foundation design, infrastructure design, roof, doors and window design, wall removal, deck and veranda piles, screw piles, stair design, adding solar panels, home renovations, and engineering inspection.

Building Fire Protection System Design
  • TOK Engineering specializes in designing building structures to fire-rated protection codes.

  • Professional Stamps in Alberta: Our engineers are licensed to stamp and sign off on designs, ensuring their compliance with regulations.

  • Building and Development Permit Applications: We assist clients in obtaining building and development permits, streamlining the approval process.

At TOK Engineering, we are committed to delivering structural solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency,
and compliance. Contact us today to discuss your specific structural engineering needs or book a free
consultation and let our experts help you.

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