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Innovative Engineering Solutions

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Who We Are

Tree of Knowledge (TOK) Engineering Ltd. is a multi-discipline firm that offers its skills and expertise in the areas of mechanical, structural, civil, geotechnical and forensic engineering.

We are a mid-sized group of professional engineers who bring considerable niche experience to each of the disciplines mentioned above. This can apply to new design, design modification or optimization for all types of machinery, machine components and mechanical systems. 

We are skilled in troubleshooting specific problems as well as performing failure analyses. In a similar fashion, we are highly capable in reviewing any structural issues that may be of concern to building/property owners and managers. This can involve anything from rooftop air conditioning issues to leaking below-ground parkades and everything in between.

We are a practical, “down-to-earth” group of professionals who truly recognized the need to tailor our technical assistance to the business realities of our clientele.

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Core Values

Of all the commodities we may desire, both personally and professionally, it has been said that “time” is the one of which we never have enough. At TOK Engineering we recognize this reality and it is reflected in how we deal with every customer (new or old). From the time of initial enquiry, to quotation, to completion ... it is all about efficiency. We believe that the old adage “time is money” hold true and that every job should come in on-time and on-budget.

At TOK we believe that if a customer approaches us it is because they seek our advice as well as our expertise. Therefore we are committed to telling the client “what they need to hear” and not necessarily “what they want to hear”. Although we may occasionally lose a job over it; in the long-run we know that we are providing a valuable and ethical service to our customer.

Of all the “P” words that may factor into describing any our jobs: “performance”, “precision”, “practicality” ... the most important to us is “professionalism”. We want to be proud of every assignment completed and we want you to share that pride with us.

What Clients Are Saying

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