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Project Gallery

retaining wall analysis mechanical structural engineers

Retaining Wall Analysis​

house flooding or grading issues

Flood / Grading Issues

gear box design machine design mechanical engineering

Gear Box Design

vehicle parking lot grading issue

Parking Lot Grade Issues

seismic ice or frost quake issues structural engineering

Seismic Ice Quake Issues

regrading of landscape for row house condominiums due to drainage swale

Drainage Swale

blue track vehicle mechanical engineering design

Track Vehicle Design

building foundational issues

Foundational Issues

hopper grain bin collapsed as ground not properly reinforced

Hopper / Bin Collapse

attic insulation analysis framing issues

Attic Insulation Analysis

failure analysis of storage tank

Storage Tank Analysis

single family home Fire & Explosion Investigation forensic engineering

Fire & Explosion Investigation

Fire Damage Investigation forensic engineering

Fire Damage Investigation

mould investigation fungal air testing

Mould Investigation

Vehicular Fire Investigation forensic engineering

Vehicular Fire Investigation

Excavation Damage Inspection

Excavation Damage Inspection

Roofing Inspection safety and building code  compliance

Roofing Inspection

machine design failure analysis Backflow Valve Issues

Backflow Valve Issues

condominium Rooftop AC Issues HVAC problems

Rooftop AC Issues

red and white Condominium Balcony Issues

Balcony Issues

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