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Forensic Engineering Services

At TOK Engineering, our team of experienced forensic engineers specialize in providing comprehensive Forensic Engineering Services that offer precise analysis, meticulous investigations, and expert insights. We excel in uncovering the root causes of structural damage, workplace incidents, car accidents, and other complex scenarios. Explore our Forensic Engineering Services to discover how we can assist you.

Insurance-Related Investigations & Consultations
  • Investigations: We perform claim-related on-site investigations for accidents – vehicle, machine or personal, property damage, etc., provide letters of opinion and detailed engineering reports and consultations for your specific needs.

  • Services Offered: Our forensic investigations encompass cause and origin assessments, damage assessment, and expert witness testimony.

  • Litigation Support: We also offer litigation support to assist with insurance claims and legal proceedings and provide expert witness testimony in court.

Structural Damage Investigations

Accurate Assessment and Swift Solutions:

  • TOK Engineering's forensic engineers are equipped to assess and provide swift, accurate evaluations of structural damage caused by various events, including wind, snowstorms, fires, vehicle impacts, tree falls, and more.

  • We offer practical and effective solutions to repair or rebuild damaged structures.

Determining the Root Cause:

  • Our experts go beyond surface assessments to determine the origin and root cause of structural damage, which is crucial for designing appropriate repair solutions and ensuring insurance coverage.

  • TOK engineers leverage years of experience, expertise, and cutting-edge resources to uncover the true causes of damage and provide solutions that address the problem at its source.

Advanced Tools and Technology:

  • Our team utilizes a range of tools, including drones for mapping damaged areas, aerial photography, and capturing images and videos in hard-to-reach locations.

  • Our drones are capable of conducting infrared thermal imaging to assess water and heat leakage in buildings quickly and accurately.

Wide Expertise:

  • Our structural forensic engineers have extensive experience in various building types, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Types of Investigations and Assessments Include:
  • Settlement issues

  • Frost heave issues

  • Grading and drainage plans

  • Foundational piles

  • Retaining walls/shoring system

At TOK Engineering, we are committed to delivering meticulous and reliable Forensic Engineering Services. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs, and let our expertise guide you towards informed decisions and resolutions.

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