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Ensuring safety, compliance, and long-term asset integrity

TOK Engineering is a multidisciplinary firm specializing in mechanical, structural, civil and forensic engineering consulting services for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We are a local Edmonton, AB based company servicing Edmonton and surrounding areas. 


Fast response time, technical expertise, collaborative approach, and cost-effective solutions are TOK Engineering's core strengths. Our meticulous attention to detail, and tailored solutions for your specific projects is our specialty. 


As a licensed engineering firm, our team of professionals are dedicated to providing services that ensure safety and compliance with the city's codes and regulations, as well as long term sustainability of your assets. We design efficient load-bearing structures to consulting for increasing the long-term integrity of your assets.


Our collaborative approach to design work, design modification, optimization and certification is tried and true. To begin, we analyze the overarching project goals against the respective cost, time and risk constraints. Drawing on our deep experience across mechanical, structural, and civil domains, we generate solutions that produce the lowest cost project at a desired factor of safety. 


This client-focused philosophy has guided us from day one.

Introducing Condominium Review Study

Having served the condominium market for years, TOK is excited to introduce its new Condominium Review Study (CRS) to condo managers and self-governed condo boards. Our CRS combines a reserve fund study (RFS) with a comprehensive building envelope inspection (BES), thus providing a complete picture of the financial and structural outlook of your asset.


To summarize you get the benefits of 2 services in 1 study. The CRS not only saves condo boards both time and money but also fulfills legislative requirements while enhancing financial security, asset integrity and the property value of the building.

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